Terms & Conditions

1)       SELFEMPLOYED.IE is a trading name for the services of MB Tax Refunds Ltd. Ireland.

2)       SELFEMPLOYED.IE guarantees that it will use its best endeavours to file an income tax return for people who are working in Ireland and availed of SELFEMPLOYED.IE services.

3)       SELFEMPLOYED.IE will file each client’s income tax return based on the information and documentation provided by the client and subject to the legal entitlements and obligations of the client within the prevailing tax laws of Ireland.

4)       Where there is a change to the applicable tax laws or in the interpretation or implementation of the rules and laws by the tax authorities in Ireland, SELFEMPLOYED.IE will meet its undertaking to file the income tax return in accordance with the law, interpretation and implementation by the tax authorities. The decision of the exact value of any rebate/liability due or amount owed is the decision of the relevant tax authorities (Revenue Commissioners of Ireland).

5)       In the event of the client being due a tax rebate, any such rebate will be reimbursed directly to the client by the Revenue per the instructions given to Revenue by the client.

6)       SELFEMPLOYED.IE is not responsible for outcome of any Self-Assessment or income tax return where;

a)       The client has provided information which is false, inaccurate, incorrect, insufficient or misleading in any way;

b)       The client has already filed an income tax return, either directly or through another person, natural or legal;

c)       The client owes money to the tax authority;

d)       The tax authority has different information on its system to that provided by the client;

e)       In the event that the client does not provide the necessary information; does not respond to requests for information in a timely manner or refuses to pay SELFEMPLOYED.IE’s fee on time, SELFEMPLOYED.IE will not be held responsible for the consequences to the client of not completing their Self-Assessment and filing their annual tax return with Revenue. The client will therefore be liable for any charges or penalties that the tax authorities (Revenue) may impose for late filing or failure to comply with completing a Self-Assessment or filing a tax return.

f)        The tax authority information leads to a decision that the client is not due a rebate..

7)       When the client signs the Tax Agent Authorisation Form permitting SELFEMPLOYED.IE to represent them with the tax authorities and to file the client’s income tax return, the client is agreeing to pay the fee to SELFEMPLOYED.IE for filing their income tax return.

a)       The fee starts at €150.00 (plus VAT) per income tax return. For the avoidance of doubt this fee includes; registration with the tax authorities (Revenue); completed Self-Assessment and annual accounts; the filing of an annual income tax return.

b)       In the event that SELFEMPLOYED.IE are required to complete additional work or intervene with the tax Authorities (Revenue) in order to file an income tax return on the clients behalf, SELFEMPLOYED.IE will provide the client with a quotation in advance for approval.

c)       SELFEMPLOYED.IE will issue an invoice directly to the client prior to filing the final income tax return with the Revenue.

d)       The fee is due to SELFEMPLOYED.IE prior to submitting the income tax return to the tax authorities.

e)       SELFEMPLOYED.IE’s fees are subject to change and will be announced on the SELFEMPLOYED.IE website 30 days in advance of the new effective date.

8)       Once authorised and registered as the client’s tax agent with the relevant tax authority (Revenue Commissioners of Ireland), all correspondence regarding the client’s tax application must be handled directly by SELFEMPLOYED.IE. Any measure taken by client to make direct contact with the tax office without first consulting with SELFEMPLOYED.IE, could jeopardise the status of the income tax return and will absolve SELFEMPLOYED.IE of any responsibility or accountability for the final outcome of the income tax return filed.

9)       The client may at any time, revoke their authorisation to SELFEMPLOYED.IE to act as tax agent by writing directly to the relevant tax authorities. Likewise SELFEMPLOYED.IE may, at any time, write to the relevant tax authority notifying them of our intention to no longer represent you, the client.

10)   All correspondence to the client will be sent to the postal address or e-mail address provided by the client on the Tax Agent Authorisation form. Clients should check their mail/e-mail regularly for correspondence from SELFEMPLOYED.IE or the Revenue Commissioners of Ireland.

11)   Unless requested to do otherwise by the client, SELFEMPLOYED.IE will advise current and past clients of;

a)       All new tax credits that they may be entitled to as and when information becomes available from the relevant tax authorities;

b)       All new services that SELFEMPLOYED.IE may provide;

c)       All new services offered by SELFEMPLOYED.IE or associated companies.

12)   From time to time SELFEMPLOYED.IE may amend or add to these Terms and Conditions should the need arise. Such changes will be posted on the SELFEMPLOYED.IE web-site under “Terms and Conditions” and clients are advised to check the website regularly to receive these updates.

13)   The submission of an authorisation form to SELFEMPLOYED.IE by web, post, hand, fax, or e-mail constitutes agreement to these Terms and Conditions, including amendments thereto, by the client.

14)   SELFEMPLOYED.IE ensures that all client information is held as private and confidential. Please see SELFEMPLOYED.IE’s Privacy Policy document on our website or click on Privacy Policy for further information.

15)   Should the client at any time like to query the quality of service delivered by SELFEMPLOYED.IE, the client is invited to e-mail us at info@Selfemployed.ie . We will guarantee that the e-mail is responded to within 72 hours.


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